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What to Say When Your Interviewer Asks if You Have Any Questions

Local Job Stars 19 December, 2019

All job interviews end with the following sentence: Do you have any questions? A lot of people fudge this part of the interview by saying that they have no questions. There's always a question that one can ask as a strong end to their job interview. These are three that might be helpful. 

How Soon Will I Know if I'm Hired?

This question gives the interviewer the impression that you still want the job and that you're excited to know if you can have it. You can add more to the discussion by letting your prospective employer know that you have to notify your current employer of your resignation. That might push the potential employer to decide quickly. 

When Does the Training Start?

You could also ask about the training process and inquire about available upcoming training dates. Again, it's a subtle way of expressing your interest in the opportunity and letting the employer know that you're ready to start working ASAP. 

What Kind of Attire Do You Require on the First Day?

You can also ask about the dress code that you'll be expected to have when you show up on the first day of work. It's another way of asking the prospective employer when you can start without being overly blunt about it. It again stresses the point that you are ready and available to start working for the employer. 

You can use any of these strategies to try to get better footing as you're exiting your job interview. Remember to smile as you exit and shake the interviewer's hand. If you can do so, try to say something that will stick in the interviewer's mind for a long time. You might just get the phone call that you want and the job you desire, too.