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What Exactly Is a Toxic Environment?

Local Job Stars 14 March, 2022

You may have heard the term "toxic work environment" during your employment at one time or another. You might have even read somewhere that it's acceptable to leave such an environment with or without notice. However, maybe you're not quite sure what a toxic environment is. These are three attributes that may indicate that the job you are in is such:

You Feel Inadequate at All Times

Feelings of inadequacy often surface in highly toxic environments. Part of it could come from you if you're still dealing with past trauma. However, a toxic workforce can make even the most confident person confused. In such an environment, nothing you do will be good enough, and someone will always find fault with some area of your processes. The general mindset in a toxic environment is that "They will try harder and work harder if we make them feel like what they do isn't enough."

Negativity Is Rampant

You'll notice activities such as gossiping, backbiting, arguing, sabotage, and petty snitching in a toxic environment. The general morale will not be positive, and you may even sense that a dark cloud is looming over the workplace.

You Are Made to Feel Like an Outcast

Toxic workplaces don't like letting new people in, even if they need such people desperately. If they do let them in, it won't be a minute before that person has to go through an unbeknownst process of hazing and "initiation." You won't appreciate those processes if you're someone who simply wants to go to work and then go home. Therefore, you'll feel like an outcast, and you'll most likely be very unhappy in the position.

You Feel Drained When You Leave

One of the biggest signs of working in a toxic environment is that you feel drained of all your energy when you leave the building. You might find it difficult to get other tasks done once you leave work. You may even replay the events and experience pain because of the confusion of not knowing what you've done wrong. The truth is that you didn't do anything wrong. The dynamics of the job just weren't for you.

The attributes mentioned above are that of a toxic work environment. You may want to think twice about staying if you experience those things at your workplace.