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Ways to Support Your Coworkers in a Crisis

Local Job Stars 22 June, 2020

At some point, you may come across a fellow coworker who needs your support. He or she might have a crisis such as a death in the family, the loss of a child, a divorce, or something else that's taxing on the emotions and the psyche. As a fellow employee, you can offer your support in the following ways.

Lend an Ear

One of the kindest things that you can do for someone who is distressed is to offer an ear for them to express their emotions. Let your coworker know that you are there for that person if he or she needs to talk. Don't pry, but offer your ear to them just in case they need you in the future. You might find that your coworker trusts you enough to come to you to talk about the situation. 

Offer Financial Support

If you have the extra funds to do so, you could offer your coworker financial assistance. Alternatively, you could try to raise funds around the job if your coworker needs it for funeral expenses, childcare needs, medical bills, or something else related to the incident. 

Offer Some Services 

If you can't offer financial services, you can always offer to help your fellow coworker with something that he or she needs to be done during the crisis. You can offer to give that person a ride somewhere. You can offer to help clean the individual's house or help take care of that person's children. It all depends on how much you are willing to give of yourself to assist another person in a crisis. 

You are not obligated to do any of the above things for your coworker. However, the suggestions are there if you would like to take a few steps above and beyond your normal call of duty as a coworker. People never forget compassion and empathy. Your coworker might help you one day when you need it because you helped him or her.