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Unexpected Ways to Recover From a Job Loss

Local Job Stars 20 January, 2020

A job loss can be depressing. No one is arguing with that. However, you can recover from this challenge. In fact, there are some pretty cool ways you can recover from your job loss and it will not cost you an expensive therapist. Check out these ways to recover. 


I know you may be thinking that exercise is the last thing you want to do right now. You really just want to crawl in bed, cover your head and hibernate. But exercise is scientifically proven to release endorphins into our brain. These are feel-good chemicals that can help us cope with stress. In addition to this, exercise will help us lose weight if we need to. This can be a huge boost to our self-confidence if we are feeling down. Another great benefit is that when you exercise regularly you will sleep better. Better sleep improves your entire outlook on life. So, if you want to jump-start your recovery process, go for a walk, hop on that treadmill or lift a few weights. Start exercising.


Now before you start imagining a yogi in full Lotus position, hear me out. We often have a very narrow idea of what meditation is. Most people think meditation is just that, someone sitting for hours becoming one with the universe. Meditation simply means to spend some time each day quieting the mind. Sit alone with yourself and focus on your breathing. You don't need to think about anything, in particular, just breathe. It sounds like you are doing nothing, but what you are really doing is giving your thinking brain a rest. This is so important when it comes to dealing with stress. You will find that if you continue to practice 10 or 15 minutes of meditation a day that you are better at coping with stress later. We all know some coping skills are very important during a job loss. 

Although these methods may seem surprising as a way to deal with a job loss, they are really helpful during any transition period. Our bodies and our minds can benefit from exercise and mediation during any stressful season of our lives.