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Tips for Asking for a Raise During the Pandemic

Local Job Stars 16 December, 2020

All workers desire a raise after providing their employers with services for a significant amount of time. You might want a raise even more if you're working on the frontline during the pandemic. These are some tips for requesting a pay increase from your employer during this time. Use these tips when you pull your boss to the side to talk about a pay increase during perilous times.

Refresh Your Boss's Mind About Your Talents

It wouldn't be a bad idea to remind your boss of the skillset you bring to the table. This will work well if you're a cross-trained individual who can do various jobs at your location. Your boss might think about all of your talents and decide that you're valuable enough to keep on the job with a little extra money added to your paycheck.

Offer to Provide Extra Help

Offer to provide a little extra help to your workplace during this time. You might want to offer to pick up some extra shifts when other employees call out. Maybe you can work an extra day or put some time in another department if your employer needs you there.

Remind Your Boss of the Risks

Last but not least, you need to remind your employer of the risk you're taking every day when you come to work. If you're a front-facing employee, your exposure is higher than other people's exposure there. Explain that you need additional money for childcare or healthcare expenses to keep yourself fit to do your job. This might be the perfect time for your employer to listen to your needs.

Those are just a few tips you can use when you're talking to your boss about a pay increase. He or she will most likely consider it greatly. You might even see more money in your next paycheck. Make sure you talk with your boss during a time when or she can truly open an ear to you. It might be the best decision you ever made in your life.