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Three Ways to Make Yourself an Irresistible Hire

Local Job Stars 15 January, 2021

Competition is often high in the world of employment. However, there are some things you can do to make yourself an irresistible hire. Try these three tips, and your prospective employer will have no other option than to give you a chance to do the job.

Shine a Bright Light

Personality makes up for more than 50 percent of why a prospective employer chooses you. Therefore, you need to go into your job interview shining the brightest light you have. Smile widely and show the prospective employer that you can be a charming person. Charm keeps the customers coming. You'll also want to display your empathetic and compassionate nature because those qualities also tend to please customers. Don't forget to let your employer see that you're a high performer, as well. The perfect mix will make you a true catch for them.

Show Your Skills and Achievements

You should always bring proof of your skills, experience, and achievements when you go to a job interview. That way, the employer will have tangible evidence of what you're capable of doing. Take with you any relevant degrees, certificates, recognition, accolades, and sales figures. The employer will likely give you a chance just to see if you can do what the paperwork says you can do.

Be Persistent

Also, you need to be persistent during these perilous times. Show the employer that you desire the job enough to check up on it. Don't be afraid to send the employer a follow-up email or give them a phone call. They're not likely to see it as a bad thing. In fact, it will refresh your name in their mind in case they've forgotten about your amazing interview.

Keep your head up and keep pressing on if you get declined for a job. Many jobs are available nowadays. You will land the perfect position eventually, and you'll be happy that you fully strived for it the way you did.