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Three Good Reasons You Might Be Missing That Promotion

Local Job Stars 15 October, 2021

You might feel stagnant in your current position because you've gone for promotion several times and have not advanced. Perhaps you've been on the same job for several years with no movement. Sometimes, employers have a lengthy process of promoting people. Other times, intangible elements might cause a person not to receive a promotion. These are three intangible elements you might want to consider:

You Don't Fit the Mold

Not fitting the mold is not something your employer is likely to explain to you. It's a "thing" they see in certain people when they consider promoting them. It might be that you don't match the work culture, or you don't partake in certain social events. It could be that you hold certain beliefs with which your employer does not agree. If you've been passed over three times or more, it might be because of this intangible element.

You Aren't Friendly Enough

Don't take this statement to heart, but you might not be friendly enough. Your employer might be the type that wants you to wear a smile on your face, no matter how you feel or what you think. You could be the nicest and friendliest person in the world, but you don't smile when you don't have a reason to. That could place a monkey wrench in your advancement.

Your Work Ethic

Your work ethic could have a lot to do with your failure to receive a promotion as well. It could be because of positive or negative attributes. Many employers won't want to advance a person who has a poor or inconsistent work ethic. However, your lack of advancement can be due to a stellar work ethic also. You might work so hard and so well that you aggravate the workers who don't want to put in that kind of effort. Making you their boss could turn out unfavorable for the company. That seems like a horrible reason for someone to miss a promotion, but it happens.

It's common for workers not to get promoted the first time they try. However, you may want to consider one of these factors if it happens to you more than three times. Then, you might want to think about checking some job boards.