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Surviving The Holidays While Unemployed

Local Job Stars 16 December, 2021

Unemployment is challenging any time of the year, but during the holidays it can feel especially rough to be without a job. Here are a few tips to help you survive the holidays while in between jobs.

Focus on Your Budget

Even if you have never had to budget before, it will be important to set spending limits for yourself during the holidays. The holidays tend to be a time of free spending, but this could be problematic for you if you do not have a steady income right now. Set a budget for holiday expenses and stick to it as closely as possible.

Focus on Free Fun

The thought of not being able to spend money as freely as you usually do around the holidays might be a bit depressing. To counteract this, you can focus on free fun. There are plenty of ways to show your love for others and enjoy yourself this holiday without spending a ton of money. Consider making homemade gifts. You can even invite friends who also want to budget this holiday and make gifts together.

Take a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights or visit free Christmas plays at churches and schools.

Focus on the Real Meaning of the Holidays

It's very easy to get focused on the material aspect of the holidays, but we all know that this time of year is really about invisible, intangible things. The love of our friends and family. Slowing down to enjoy each other's company, reflecting on the year we have had, the blessings we received, and the challenges we overcame.

Surviving the holidays is all about perspective. If you can keep your perspective right, you can enjoy this holiday just as much as any other.