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Resume Keywords that Stand Out with Employers

Local Job Stars 15 August, 2022

In our technologically driven society, more employers are turning to software to help sift through job candidates to identify potential matches for their open positions. One way to make your resume stand out is by using specific keywords and phrases that these tools seek. Below you will find a few important keywords employers in many fields seek in their job candidates.

Problem Solver

The ability to think outside the box to solve problems is a huge draw for employers who have consistently faced a modern “group think” philosophy among job-seekers. Employers need people who can help their businesses grow, improve, and expand. That requires innovative approaches to problems. Showing employers you have this talent is a great way to get your resume noticed.


Communication is quickly becoming a lost art. The ability to communicate in spoken word, written word, and through active listening is imperative for success in business. Employers want people who have this skill and can use it to advance their business goals and objectives.


Leadership experience involves exceptional skills in decision-making, listening, and motivating others on your team. This is a highly prized skill by employers that are often undervalued among job-seekers. Show off your leadership skills and how they have helped you accomplish your career goals thus far in your resume and see what a difference it makes in employer interest.

Team Player

Just as team building and leadership skills are important for employers, so are team playing abilities. The ability to work together with people from diverse backgrounds and skillsets is essential in the modern workplace. Not only do engineers need to be able to work with financial people, for instance, but people from different cultures, communities, and locations need to work together to effectively accomplish the overall goals of the employer.

Of course, if you really want to make waves with your resume, use these keywords throughout your resume in actionable ways. Show employers that you’ve implemented new protocols, developed new procedures, and motivated members of your team to accomplish great things. If you do this, employers will clamor for you to be part of their teams.