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Re-entering The Job Force After Raising Kids - What You Need To Know

Local Job Stars 16 February, 2022

Taking time away from your career to raise children is a wonderful, noble endeavor. Once you are ready to re-enter the job force, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you set out on your job hunt.

Do Your Research

It is very important that you do some preliminary research before starting your job hunt. You will want to refresh your knowledge of the industry you left if you plan on re-entering it. If you are not re-entering the same industry, you will want to research the hot jobs now available for people with your skills.

You will also want to research any changes that have taken place in technology while you were out of work. Technology changes quickly and there are basic tech skills that are necessary for many different types of jobs. If you are not up-to-date on general tech skills for today's job market, you will want to take some time to get trained. There are often online courses you can take to help with this.

Evaluate Your New Skills

Just because you were raising children, doesn't mean you weren't acquiring new skills. Be sure to take some time to evaluate the new skills you have acquired while out of the workforce. Think of creative ways these skills can be added to a resume. Just because you did not use these skills on a job, does not mean they are irrelevant.

Create a New Resume

You should create an entirely new resume if you have been out of the workforce for a few years. Before starting your resume, do some research on how employers today are using resumes and any tips on how to create an effective resume for today's job market. Resume etiquette and uses change over time, so you will want to be up-to-date on this.