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How Much Should You Reveal About Your Last Job in an Interview?

Local Job Stars 18 April, 2022

One of the most onerous interview questions to answer is what you liked and disliked about your last job. Many applicants struggle with how much information to reveal. These are a few tips for getting through those questions.

Don't Bash the Last Job or Employer

Many interviewees lower their chances by speaking poorly about their previous employer. Contrary to many people's beliefs, interviewers don't want to hear how horrible a former employer is. Ranting about an earlier job carries over as unprofessional behavior. Furthermore, it could make the prospective employer wonder if you'll do the same to them.

Don't Praise the Job Too Much

This area is tricky as well. You should speak fondly of your last job but avoid praising it too much. The prospective employer may concern itself with your happiness and cross you off the list if it seems like you're still attached to your last job. In other words, you can talk about how professional your managers were, but don't get into a spiel about how your last job was the best you ever had. The new employer may not be interested in competing with your last.

Keep the Information Relevant To The Current Position

If there's ever a moment when you should not go off on a tangent, this is it. Avoid discussing off-work activities you did with your coworkers or any other topic that doesn't fit the current conversation. Keep everything you mention relevant to the job at hand. For example, you can talk about how you topped the charts in sales revenue if you attempt to land a sales manager job.

The best way to get through this part is to highlight elements that match the current job's theme and show your interviewer how you can excel. You might land a job the same day.