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Employment Opportunities with a Two-Year Degree

Local Job Stars 22 May, 2019

Planning for the future is hard. The rising costs of a four-year degree leave many graduates saddled with enormous debt before they have the opportunity to even get started in life. That is why more and more people are beginning to explore career possibilities that involve trade schools or two-year degrees, like those listed below.

Dental Hygienist

With median salaries hovering above the $70,000 per year mark. This in-demand job offers outstanding opportunities for growth and shows no signs of slowing for demand.

Radiation Therapist

Helping treat people who have cancer and other diseases with the use of radiation offers big rewards for two years of education with average annual salaries exceeding $80,000 per year and abundant opportunities available for job placement and career growth.

Registered Nurse (ADN)

While not as lucrative as other roles on the list, the high demand and critical nurse shortage offers nearly endless opportunities for overtime and moonlighting which drives the income up. Even with an average salary of $68,000, an associate degree nursing position is not exactly chump change.

Avionics Technician

With an average annual salary of $60,000 and wide job availability, avionics technicians can turn their two-year educational investments into lucrative careers with plenty of room for growth along the way.

Air Traffic Controller

One of the most lucrative two-year degree positions on the list, the role of air traffic controller is a huge responsibility. However, the rewards are great for those who have nerves of steel.

Nuclear Technicians

While this position is one that has lower demand than many others on the list, the rewards are impressive, at nearly $80,000 per year and the work is exciting for those who have an aptitude for it.

You no longer need to pursue a four-year degree to enjoy lucrative careers that offer opportunities for growth and a large degree of job security. These are just a few great examples to consider.