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Do I Have to Hide My Personality For a Job Interview?

Local Job Stars 20 October, 2020

There is so much advice about how to have a job interview. There’s no shortage of suggestions on what to wear, what to say, and how to act. But does that leave any room for you to be yourself? Do you have to hide your personality?

Don’t Hide Your Personality

Don’t hide the best parts of your personality during your job interview. Your personality is the single thing that makes you unique among all the other job candidates the interviewer will meet with. But that doesn’t mean you should show all the aspects of your personality.

Let the Best Parts Show

Everyone has better parts of their personality and some aspects that are less positive. You probably already know what yours are. For instance, if you’re a naturally peppy person, feel free to let that exuberance shine through. Your interviewer will likely interpret that as a passion for the job, which is a real plus!

Downplay the Less Positive Aspects

Now, if you tend to be very shy and quiet, that’s not something you really want to advertise during your interview. Instead, make an effort to be upfront and forthcoming. You don’t have to fake it and jump up and down on the chair, but do try to be a little more talkative than you might be in “real” life.

Always Be Professional

Many people have very colorful personality traits that don’t necessarily belong in the workplace. Those are things that you should keep under wraps in order to appear professional. For instance, if it’s in your nature to always make a joke out of everything you can, you shouldn’t do that in the interview. Otherwise, the interviewer may not take you seriously.

The short answer is, you don’t have to hide your personality for a job interview, but you should only let the positive aspects show. That way, your interviewer gets a true sense of who you are and your potential to be a success in the job role.