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Can You Stop Being a Workaholic?

Local Job Stars 20 March, 2019

In today's society many people believe that the more you work the better. You might even think that being a workaholic is a positive character trait. The truth is being a workaholic is a type of compulsive disorder. Working too much is bad for both your personal life, your health and surprisingly your work life as well. So can you stop being a workaholic? Absolutely. Just like with any other type of compulsive behavior you can make healthy changes to bring more balance back into your life.

Acknowledge the Problem

The first step, just like with any compulsive behavior, is to admit there is a problem. Most workaholics find it very easy to justify their behavior because work is a good thing. However, talking with others in your life is a good first step to identifying if you have a problem. Ask your friends and family if they think you work too much. Be prepared for their answers, and use those answers to help you make better choices going forward.

Speak With A Therapist

Many people who are facing compulsive behaviors find it very helpful to speak with a therapist. A therapist can help you get a better perspective on your behavior as well as find the root of the behavior. Once you have identified these, the therapist can help you come up with strategies which will help you overcome your compulsions.

Make Different Choices

When you catch yourself taking on work that you do not need to take on, make a conscious choice to do something else instead. Choose to do something entirely non-work related. What hobbies did you enjoy as a kid or young person? What are some things your kids like doing? How about your spouse? There are plenty of other things to do other than work.

Finding a work life balance is often difficult for people. If you deal with work related compulsive behavior this is even more of a challenge. But you can overcome these challenges and live a more balanced and healthy life.