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4 Secrets For Making Your Resume Stand Out

Local Job Stars 23 July, 2020

When a job is posted on a job board, employers are usually inundated with resumes. It’s harder than ever for candidates to somehow get the attention of potential employers. The best candidates don’t always get the interview, because they may not know how to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Here are four secrets for making your resume stand out.

1. Forego Corporate Speak

In your summary, don’t use dry corporate speak. Instead, use genuine language that sounds like you’re talking to a close friend. Use the first-person point of view and talk about the real reasons why you want this particular job. Try to connect with the reader so they get a true sense of who you are.

2. Highlight Promotions

If you’ve ever been promoted, make sure you mention that in the proper area with the job experience listings. But to make your resume really stand out, list it again under a special, bold heading entitled, “Promotions.” This makes it easy for the reader to grasp that you are always excelling and being recognized for excellent work. You don’t need to go into the details of each promotion; just a simple mention is enough.

3. Entice With a Story

You can’t exactly tell a true story in your resume. But you can pique the reader’s interest with the beginnings of a story. For instance, if you saved a project from failure or you kept a client from leaving at the last minute, these are good teaser lines that can make the reader want to hear all the juicy details. That means they’ll have to bring you in for an interview!

4. Mention Any Connections

Do you have any connections at all to the company? Maybe you went to school with someone who works there, or you met the CEO once while you were both waiting at the airport. Any connection, however slight, can make your resume stand out. Just be sure to mention the connection front and center, in the summary section.

These four secrets will help your resume stand out as being special. Try to use as many of them as possible every time you apply for a job online.