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4 Keys to Successful Networking

Local Job Stars 20 April, 2019

Networking can help you get new friends or a new job. But if you don’t know how to network correctly, you could be losing out on these opportunities. Here are the four keys to successful networking to always keep in mind.

1. Listen More Than You Speak

The first key to successful networking is being willing to listen and learn from what others are saying. When you make a point of listening, you’ll learn what others have found out. You’ll also discover what others need. Then you can come back later and be the person that offers what they’re looking for. This strategy is especially important when you’re first joining a conversation.

2. Bring Plenty of Business Cards

You will hand out dozens of business cards at a networking event. The last thing you want is to run out near the end of the evening. Bring backups and keep them in your car. Hand out your business card to every single person you meet, including the staff at the venue.

3. Follow Up On Contacts You Make

During the networking event, you’ll probably tell a lot of people that you’ll be in touch with them next week or you’ll call them with information etc. Be a person of your word and make sure that you do follow up with all of the contacts you meet. This is the foundation for a lot of new relationships and you don’t want to get started on the wrong foot with them thinking that you can’t be counted on to follow through.

4. Offer Value

Networking is a two-way street. You should make an effort to give as much if not more than you get. Be sure to offer value to your fellow networkers. How? By referring valuable contacts, and sharing your knowledge and experience.

By following these four keys to successful networking, you’ll earn a reputation as someone who is respectful and valuable in the networking circle.