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4 Keys to Successful Networking

Local Job Stars April 20, 2019

Networking can help you get new friends or a new job. But if you don’t know how to network correctly, you could be losing out on these opportunities. Here are the four keys to successful networking to always keep in mind.

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Can You Stop Being a Workaholic?

Local Job Stars March 20, 2019

In today's society many people believe that the more you work the better. You might even think that being a workaholic is a positive character trait. The truth is being a workaholic is a type of compulsive disorder. Working too much is bad for both your personal life, your health and surprisingly your work life as well.

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Can Changing Your Attitude Change Your Job Search Success?

Local Job Stars February 21, 2019

You may think that your college degree and resume are your most powerful tools in your job search arsenal, but there is actually one very overlooked tool that could change your entire career path. Your own personal attitude about your job search is actually the most powerful aspect of your job search. Learn more about how your attitude can affect your job search.

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What Jobs in the Medical Profession Have to Offer

Local Job Stars January 21, 2019

Many people dream of a job in the medical profession. In our society these types of jobs are admired not only for their earning potential, but also for their contribution to society. So what exactly does a job in a medical profession have to offer you?

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Overcoming Career Challenges in 2019

Local Job Stars December 19, 2018

With the New Year upon us, it is time to figure out what went wrong in 2018 so that you can fix it in 2019. If you feel that your career path or your job search in 2018 was less than satisfactory, keep reading to learn how you can turn it around in the New Year.

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