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Unexpected Ways to Recover From a Job Loss

Local Job Stars January 20, 2020

A job loss can be depressing. No one is arguing with that. However, you can recover from this challenge. In fact, there are some pretty cool ways you can recover from your job loss and it will not cost you an expensive therapist. Check out these ways to recover. 

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What to Say When Your Interviewer Asks if You Have Any Questions

Local Job Stars December 19, 2019

All job interviews end with the following sentence - Do you have any questions? A lot of people fudge this part of the interview by saying that they have no questions. There's always a question that one can ask as a strong end to their job interview. These are three that might be helpful. 

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How to Keep the Door Open After You Resign

Local Job Stars November 20, 2019

Keeping the door open after you leave the company is a great way to keep possibilities open for yourself as a worker. You never want to burn bridges, so you should resign using the following processes.

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How to Make Your Boss Notice You for a Promotion

Local Job Stars October 21, 2019

At some point or another, you're going to want a promotion from your employer. You'll need a strategy to keep yourself in his or her mind for that opportunity. Here are some tips...

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What To Do If You're Forced To Take Early Retirement

Local Job Stars September 18, 2019

Retirement is something that we all look forward to some day. But successful retirement takes careful financial planning and requires years of saving. If you’re being forced to...

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