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Three Good Reasons You Might Be Missing That Promotion

Local Job Stars October 15, 2021

You might feel stagnant in your current position because you've gone for promotion several times and have not advanced. Perhaps you've been on the same job for several years with no movement. Sometimes, employers have a lengthy process of promoting people. Other times, intangible elements might cause a person not to receive a promotion. These are three intangible elements you might want to consider: Read More

Where to Find Jobs With Small Businesses

Local Job Stars September 14, 2021

Working for a small business could have many benefits that you normally wouldn't think about. Some of those benefits may include schedule flexibility, fewer working requirements, and an overall more relaxed setting. Here are some small establishments where you may be able to find employment at: Read More

The Difference Between Hiring Discrimination and Employer's Choice Rights

Local Job Stars August 16, 2021

By law, employers are not allowed to discriminate against people during the hiring process or beyond the hiring process. Sometimes, a person is unclear whether an employer discriminated during the hiring process. Here is some information on the difference between discrimination and employer's rights: Read More