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Career Advice

What to Do About Coworker Harassment

Local Job Stars March 18, 2020

Workplace harassment comes in many forms. Some examples of harassment are sexual harassment, bullying, and spreading gossip with the intent to isolate a person. Each job has its own policy on harassment, and most employers do not tolerate it. Here's what you can do if you believe someone is harassing you. Read More

How to Ace an Interview Even When You're Nervous

Local Job Stars February 19, 2020

Interview anxiety is one of the leading causes of people's failure to get jobs. Something about being grilled by a person who has the power to deny you a livelihood makes the process intimidating. These are some tips for you if you get nervous about job interviews. Try them before you get to your next big meeting. Read More

Unexpected Ways to Recover From a Job Loss

Local Job Stars January 20, 2020

A job loss can be depressing. No one is arguing with that. However, you can recover from this challenge. In fact, there are some pretty cool ways you can recover from your job loss and it will not cost you an expensive therapist. Check out these ways to recover.  Read More