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Career Advice

Jobs That Are Abundantly Available During the Pandemic

Local Job Stars November 19, 2020

You might think it's difficult to find a job during a pandemic. On the contrary, it's quite easy to find a job during this difficult time. It's true that you'll have limited choices, but it's not impossible to find something. These are some of the jobs you can still grab despite what's going on in the world today... Read More

Do I Have to Hide My Personality For a Job Interview?

Local Job Stars October 20, 2020

There is so much advice about how to have a job interview. There’s no shortage of suggestions on what to wear, what to say, and how to act. But does that leave any room for you to be yourself? Do you have to hide your personality? Read More

How to Make the Most of Your On-the-Job Training

Local Job Stars September 30, 2020

On-the-job training is a very valuable opportunity. When a company offers to give you on-the-job training, you should make every effort to take advantage of this opportunity. Here are tips on how you can make the most of your on the job training. Read More