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Career Advice

Do You Need a Degree to Start Your Own Business?

Local Job Stars August 19, 2019

In some instances, a degree is a vital tool that will enable a business owner to start and maintain a successful business. In other cases, however, it's an expensive addition that an entrepreneur doesn't really need. Discover the pros and cons of getting a degree before launching your own company to see if this is the right course of action for you personally. Read More

How to Prepare For an Upcoming Store Closure

Local Job Stars July 22, 2019

If you work in retail and you’ve just discovered that your store is closing down, you need to make preparations to protect yourself. Don’t rely on your store management to take care of you. No one will look out for your interests like you can. Read More

Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent

Local Job Stars June 20, 2019

Call center jobs are excellent positions. They are very secure for people who have the right qualities and the resilience to stand the test of time. Call center jobs are beneficial jobs to pursue because of the employee benefits and the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing the job. The following are three qualities that one needs to have to be successful in a call center position. Read More