What Not to Say in a Job Interview

You think your employment search may be over. You landed the interview and are on your way. You feel confident in your designated interview attire and are a few minutes early. What could possibly go wrong?

Either responding inappropriately to interview questions, or making inappropriate comments could ruin the interview and guarantee that you do not get the job. Here are some things experts advise all job applicants not to say during the interview.

1. What does this company do?

This is on almost every list of questions not to ask. It indicates you want a job, any job. Before an interview, you need to research the company so you know what it does. You need to relate your experience to how it can benefit the company. You need to make the interviewer believe you are the best person for the job and the company.

2. I like your dress, shoes, glasses, tie, hair or any personal compliment.

This conveys the wrong message and may even be interpreted as flirting and inappropriate. It is okay to compliment the company on its success or the interviewer on a personal achievement related to the company.

3. My biggest weakness is I’m too honest, too dedicated, too thorough, etc.

A staple question asked at almost every interview is, “Tell me what your greatest weakness is.” Pat answers like, “I’m too honest” or “I work too hard” will not get you the job. Focus on something specific that seems to be a problem for you and mention steps you have taken to improve the weakness. Try not to have the weakness relate to the job for which you are applying.

4. I don’t have any questions.

The final question from interviewers to those being interviewed is: “Do you have any questions for me?” You should have one or more questions to ask. A simple, “What do you like about working for this company?” is much better than asking no question at all.

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