Tips for Leveraging the Internet While Networking

The vast majority of jobs are landed due to a referral; in short, it's "who you know" that will most likely get you your next position. While the Internet is known for cultivating digital "friendships" and impersonal connections, if used well, it can enhance the connections you've made in "the real world." Maximize your online presence, leverage it for success, and land that dream job sooner with these tips:

1. Optimize Online Profiles

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, your profile pages are like calling cards as you search for jobs. Avoid controversial topics on social media if there's the chance a potential employer may browse it. Make sure your LinkedIn and other profiles have a professional-looking head shot photo, and craft a relevant, compelling description about yourself in the space provided.

2. The Elevator Pitch

There's value in the classic elevator pitch both online and off. Craft a one or two sentence description of yourself that can be used in both off- and online networking scenarios. The online world has a short attention span, so the succinct elevator pitch is the perfect format for making online connections. Slant your choice of words toward your industry or chosen field and make it dynamic, i.e. "I'm Mark Johnson, and I'm highly experienced in overseeing sales professionals to meet or exceed their targets."

3. The Expanded Resume

While there's something to be said for brevity in the digital world, the Internet also provides an opportunity to be more verbose — and multimedia — for any employer who might want to delve deeper into your profile. Use your blog or social media pages to post a video resume, link to samples of your work, and go into more detail about your relevant skills, training and experiences.

Be strategic, targeted and professional in your online interactions — and stay active. Let people know you're still looking, and you'll be far more likely to benefit when golden opportunities arise.

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