Taking Your Resume To The Next Level: Design Tips That Get You Noticed

While some industries are more formal and subdued than others, boring resumes are no longer acceptable anywhere. The resume has evolved whether people like it or not, and today’s resume does more than just outline your skills, education, and experience, it also has the job of getting attention and setting yourself apart from the dozens (even hundreds) of people who have the same skills and experience that you do. Competition for work has created a situation where resumes have to work harder than ever before, and technology has allowed people to up their resume game to new creative heights.

With that said, here are some tips and ideas to help you create a resume that gets attention. Keep in mind your industry, and always, always research your prospective employer to learn more about their company culture. In fact, this is your first tip:

Do Your Homework!

Yes, you can send out a standard resume to dozens of companies when looking for work, but if you have your heart set on a specific position, you would do well to do some homework and learn a bit more about the company and their culture, style, and brand. Let your knowledge set you apart from the many people who just sent out boring resumes that don’t show any passion or real interest.

Do Something Different

Today it’s all about getting attention, which is an ingredient that’s in short supply. Try creating a resume using infographics, or even video! Obviously, this isn’t going to work for just any company, but for some, it may really make a positive difference.

Create an amazing cover letter. This isn’t a good place to drop the ball. Cover letters are an opportunity to really put yourself out there. You have the experience, the education, and the skills, but who are you? Why is this particular position in this particular company the best choice. Talk about what makes you special, and why you think they are special. Give compelling reasons why you are a good fit.

These are a few tweaks you can make that will help your resume stand out. Do your research, think outside the box, and go the extra mile. This will show prospective employers that you are the best choice for the job.

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