Taking Seasonal Work to Fill in Gaps in Your Resume

The holidays are upon us, and with this joyful season comes a lot of retailers that are eager to hire temporary, seasonal employees. This short-term work tends to start in November and wraps up in January after New Year’s. If you’ve been out of work for some time and the applications you’ve sent in haven’t turned into interviews, you may be wondering whether you should consider taking on some seasonal work just to make some money and prevent huge gaps from forming on your resume.

As long as you have realistic expectations about the job, there’s no reason you can’t occupy a few months of your time working at your favourite store. When you go into work, of course you want to do your best every single day. However, you should not necessarily anticipate being hired as a full-time permanent employee. It can certainly happen, but most of the time, the reason that retailers need help during the holiday season is because there’s an extra rush of customers that aren’t present during the rest of the year. Once the holidays are over, normally the permanent employees can handle the customers just fine.

However, that doesn’t mean that a seasonal job can’t be valuable. While yes, you will be bringing in money, which will feel good after a lull in employment, you’ll also meet potentially valuable people who can help you find permanent employment. Get to know as many of your coworkers as you can, and make sure that you don’t leave the job without asking for references from a boss or manager. You never know who someone may know. Someone you meet at a seasonal temp job could open the door for your next long-term position.

During the few months of your seasonal employment, you will undoubtedly learn a lot. You can now add these valuable skills to your resume, making you that much more likely to stand out to more hiring managers. Just make sure that if you are going to take on a seasonal position that you carve out some time to continue looking for long-term employment. You don’t want to have your job end in January without leads.

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