Resume Tips for Job Seekers Over 40

Looking for a job mid-career presents a unique set of challenges and the experience is very different from that of a fresh college graduate. If you're an experienced professional, here's how to polish your resume so you can land that interview.

1. Keep it Short

Two pages is now the preferred length for someone with experience. While one page might not be enough to outline your best qualities and experience, hiring managers are pressed for time and won't bother to read anything longer than two pages.

2. Include Recent Training

If your resume has a section titled "Education" that contains nothing more than a 20-year-old college degree, you're dating yourself and your skills. Instead, change that title to "Education and Training" and list any training classes you've attended that will bring your skills up-to-date and place your college degree last.

3. Focus on the Future

Instead of focusing on what you have done in the past, keep your resume pointed toward the future. Include a statement on what you want to accomplish and where you want to be. This will help prospective employers see that you're looking to move ahead, not just get another job.

4. Be Selective

Don't simply draw up a list of every job and accomplishment from the last 20 years. Stick to the past five or ten years and only include the most relevant and impressive information. Save the rest for the interview where you'll have a chance to go into more detail about your experience.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Keep quality in mind as you give your mid-career resume an overhaul. Your resume is only the starting point and should serve as an introduction to who you are and where you want to be. Keep it upbeat and laser focused on current and relevant skills and you're sure to find success.

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