Out of the Box Interview Preparation Tips

You have likely already read every job interview preparation article out there. However, most job interview prep information is out-dated and does not address certain issues. Here are a few out of the box job interview preparation tips that can help your interview be a success.


One of the main reasons people screw up an interview is nerves. Nerves can cause you to give wrong information, forget important details and in some extreme cases even forget your manners. All of these things can combine to create one disastrous interview. Meditation, however, is simply the practice of refocusing, re-centering and relaxing. Meditation should be started several days before your interview. Giving yourself a little time in the morning to focus on your interview and what you hope to accomplish will begin conditioning your mind and your nerves to react positively to the interview experience.

Meditating also gives you a chance to visualize how you want the interview to go. Visualization is used by many professionals including athletes and actors in order to prepare their mind and body to perform a certain way. You can also use visualization to prepare your mind and body to behave during your interview.


Now obviously money is tight during a job search, however, there are a few inexpensive things you can do to makeover your look and make sure you are presenting the best version of you. Get a new outfit, even if you must get it from the thrift store. Get something that makes you feel professional. When you look the part you are more likely to present the professional persona you hope the future employer to see. Get a cheap manicure. Even though it is a small detail, your hands tell people a lot about you.

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