Job Seeking Tips That May Not Apply

As you begin your job search and as it continues frantically along, you may obsessively read every bit of job news and advice that you possibly can. Unfortunately, all of that information can blend together until you believe that you have to do everything that you’ve read. This can lead to you taking such a radical approach from your original resume and cover letter that your intentions and message become muddled and hiring managers pass you over for the interviewing process. In order to prevent getting bogged down, here are some tips that you can discard.

First of all, you may hear sometimes that it’s best to have as much experience as possible on your resume. However, this really depends. If you’ve only worked in one field your entire life and plan on getting another job in that field, then by all means show what a seasoned veteran you are. If you’ve had jobs in a multitude of fields though and you’re now looking to settle down into just one, you need to make some cuts. For example, if you’re applying to a job at a marketing agency and you have PR experience and that time you worked at the grocery store back in high school listed on your resume, you know what to get rid of and what to keep.

Next, you may also hear that technology doesn’t work for your resume. With QR codes and links that take hiring managers straight to your website or LinkedIn page, this can be overwhelming to some. Obviously, if you’re applying to a job in IT, computers, or marketing, or similarly, if you’re getting a job with a newer company or a tech business, this is the time that you want these skills to shine. Use your discretion.

While standing out from the competition is always a great idea, try not to shift too far from what’s tried and true for most job seekers. Never include “I” statements in your resume. Avoid adding “references available upon request” anywhere in your resume and cover letter. Most of the time, when companies want your references, they will request them in a separate document. Don’t stray from what’s worked for you in the past. Also, don’t let yourself get confused by conflicting advice. Keeping your focus clear will lead to job search success.

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