How To Appeal to Job Recruiters

During a job search, there is quite a bit of virtual job hunting involved. This is very different from job searches of the past when there was more face to face contact. Today job recruiters are often contacted through email and online job applications and resumes. For this reason, there is an entirely new way to appeal to job recruiters. Here are a few tips to help you best appeal to job recruiters today.

A Great Application Package

Your application package will consist of your job application, your cover letter, your resume, and any other documents that the potential employers require. This package must be very carefully crafted in order to make sure you present yourself as professionally as possible. Every mistake or typo will be a reflection on you and your work ethic. Even if this does not entirely seem fair, you must understand that job recruiters do not have very much to go on at first when deciding what kind of employee you will be. The job application package is their first indicator of what they can expect from you.

Be Specific

Keep in mind that job recruiters see a lot of application packages each day. In order to make yours stand out from the crowd, you need to obtain some specific details that you can include in your cover letter that lets the job recruiter know that you have some knowledge of the company and what they are looking for. It is also helpful to know the job recruiters name so that you can address your information to someone specifically.


The follow-up is still a crucial part of the hiring process even if most applications are done online today. Job recruiters and hiring managers go through many applications a day, and it is easy for some to get overlooked or misplaced. A good follow up can help bring their attention back to your application if need be.

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