Can You Make Money as an Artist?

It’s long been said that artists can’t make money. After all, the phrase “starving artist” is very well known. Hundreds of years ago, it was difficult to make money from painting pictures. However, time has changed things, and there are now lots of ways that artists can make money with their unique talent. These job ideas for people who want a career as an artist may just inspire you to pursue your creative dream after all.

Product Label Designer

A product label designer is a specific kind of graphic artist that specializes in creating labels for products. The products could be anything from tissue boxes to cat treat pouches. Product label designers work closely with marketing experts to come up with the ideal combination of colors, graphics, and fonts to make a product stand out on a store shelf.

Greeting Card Designer

If your artistic talents are more inclined toward painting, you could make money as a greeting card designer. In this role, you would submit watercolor, oil or acrylic paintings to card makers who want to feature original landscapes and other scenes on the front of their greeting cards.

Book Cover Artist

In this age, more people are self-publishing their own books. The demand for unique book cover art has never been higher. You could build a lucrative career creating unique, artistic covers for self-publishing authors or for standard book publishing companies.

Print-on-Demand Artist

The demand for personalized products has burgeoned, thanks to the print-on-demand industry. Companies that sell personalized products like mouse pads, coffee mugs and t-shirts need unique art to offer their customers. As an artist, you can list your art on these sites for multiple sales. When customers choose your work, you get paid.

Don’t let people tell you that you won’t be able to make money as an artist. The truth is, there is much more demand for unique artwork than ever before in history.


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