5 Tips for Keeping a Clean Desktop

The job search is difficult, and it only gets harder when you operate in a messy space. In order to stay focused and on-task, you should clean out your computer – both virtually and physically. Cleaning your computer will result in a faster machine that operates smoothly as you continue on in the search.

Clean Vents, Screens and Surfaces

Dust is your computer’s worst enemy and the impact can be more devastating than any virus. You will want to make sure you carefully keep the entire computer free of particles that can cause clogs and result in overheating the machine. Never use water on your computer. Purchase specialty wipes or aerosol cleaners designed for removing dust from computers and electronics. There is even special computer putty for getting the gunk and dust from between the keys in the keyboard.

Tidy Your Desktop

Just like you sort through the papers on your desk, your computer files will need to be sorted and all junk discarded. Periodically cleaning and organizing your computer will free up space, keep things running smoothly and enable you to find what you are looking for quickly. This tidying process should also include a backup, storing your most important data in at least two physically and virtually different locations in case of a crash or location disaster (like a fire, flood, etc.).

Run a Clean Sweep

You might be shocked at how many Trojan, malicious viruses and malware programs have actually made it onto your computer. A good security application should be ran every so often to find and eliminate these programs that are slowing down your machine or mining your personal information.

Detangle Wires

Wires can get out of control and make things difficult to manage. Keep your hub clear of clutter by detangling wires and running them efficiently where they need to go. Cut a cardboard toilet paper tube lengthwise and let it wrap around the outside of a bundle of wires. Use a twist tie to bundle an extra long wire into a neat grouping instead of winding all over the floor.

Form Better Habits

Once you’ve cleaned up, start looking for ways to keep things organized as you go. Don’t click on just anything – look carefully to close a popup without accidentally enabling it. If you install a program, check to ensure it isn’t adding on an unwanted toolbar or other unknown program. As you work, save your files carefully into organized areas to make backups and finding files much easier.

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