5 Job Search Trends You Can Use

Along with a changing job market, the way people search for and connect with jobs is changing, too. Applicant tracking systems, social media, LinkedIn, video conferencing and other technologies are all impacting the way workers and employers connect. You can leverage these five top job search trends to land the job of your dreams:

1. More Social, More Streamlined

While social media is already changing the landscape of the job search, you can expect the process to become even more targeted and efficient. Employers aren’t hesitant to use the ultimate brevity portal, Twitter, to post their jobs; make you are “following” all the companies on your employment wish list.

2. There’s an App for That…

Many HR departments are also making use of apps to post employment opportunities, so be sure you download them and have access on your smartphone or tablet.

3. The New Resume

The current millennial generation finds the paper resume stodgy and stagnant, favoring instead an online video representation and multi-media portfolio to put their best food forward. Employers are responding in kind, so be sure to load up your online presence with the very best representations of your skills and assets.

4. The LinkedIn Effect

While LinkedIn is not a substitute for the resume, it’s become an excellent complement to it. It’s also the premiere networking tool for staying connected with key colleagues. Give your LinkedIn profile a personal touch so that it’s more revealing and engaging than your resume. LinkedIn can also be an ideal place to link to the files, videos, and portfolio items described in #3.

5. The Power of the Written Word

Companies are now factoring in the written word more than ever in their hiring process. They may present you with a written exercise such as a business email, thank you letter or other written sample, so make sure your writing skills are honed and polished.

The job search process is changing right along with the technological landscape. Harness the power of these job search trends, and connect with your next job in no time.

  1. I’m looking for a part time job in my local area. I would like to work approximately 15 hours a week.
    I have been retired 24 yrs. as a contract consultant, college grad with a B. S. degree. I am open to most type of work.

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