5 Great Jobs for People Who Like to Work Alone

Does the idea of working on a team make you cringe? It’s important to match your job with your personality type. If you prefer working solo or even in isolation, one of the following jobs might be perfect for you.

1. Appliance Repairman

As an appliance repairman, you would work independently all day long. Once you’re properly trained and certified, you would become a technician who’s qualified to fix homeowners’ appliances. You’d drive to their location, diagnose the problem, and make the repair on the spot, all without other employees surrounding you.

2. Electrician

With your electrician certificate in hand, you could look forward to a lifetime of working independently. As an electrician, you would wire new buildings for electrician, install circuit boxes, and repair electrical issues in residences and commercial buildings.

3. Delivery Person

If you need a job soon, but you prefer to work alone, you might like to work as a delivery person. Your only qualifications might be to know the streets, and to have a valid driving license. You would likely be driving a company van, delivering food, flowers, and other packages, all by yourself.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are always in demand. In this role, you would work independently to come up with logos and designs for web sites, printed materials, and commercial products. As long as you have the necessary software proficiency and artistic talents, you could be a great success in this career.

5. Nighttime Security Guard

Nighttime security guards keep watch in commercial buildings while no one is there, making it ideal for anyone who likes to work alone. Your responsibility would be to keep intruders out, and to call for reinforcements when necessary. If you like to be alone, and you don’t mind being alert all night, this job’s for you!

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