4 Job Seeking Tips to Ignore

If you're looking for a new job, you're probably getting advice from everyone who hears about your search. While these tips may have been relevant in the past, some of them are outdated and may be costing you that dream job. Here's 4 tips you can start ignoring right now.

1. List Every Job You Ever Had on Your Resume

All this does is waste space and give the hiring manager a reason to ignore your resume. Instead, focus on the most recent and most relevant experience. There's no reason to go all the way back to your college internship if it doesn't directly apply to the position you're seeking.

2. "References Available Upon Request"

Don't bother placing this notice at the bottom of your resume. First, you probably already have a list of references typed up and ready to go. Why not include it? If you do prefer to wait and supply references when they're requested, there's no reason to announce the fact. The missing references will get the point across.

3. Formal Stationery

Gone are the days when you had to shop for the finest paper you could afford for your resume. Save your money and focus on making your resume look outstanding on-screen and bring a few printouts on standard copy paper to your interview.

4. The Positive Weakness

If you're asked for a weakness during an interview, avoid the spun weakness. It's nothing more than a cliche these days and interviewers will see right through it. Instead, come up with something genuine that you'd truly like to learn more about. For example, maybe you would like to learn basic HTML coding so you can assist with web postings.

Timeless Advice

Manners will never be considered outdated so listen up every time you're advised to be polite, to dress appropriately, and to be on time to your interviews. Job seekers will never be short on advice; be sure to filter the good from the bad so you can put your best foot forward.

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