4 Great Jobs For Night Owls

Night owls are often shamed for their late-night proclivities, but there’s nothing inherently bad about functioning better after sundown — that’s just the way you are. Make the most of your natural inclinations by applying for one of these jobs:

1. Bartender

If you’re a natural social butterfly and a night owl, you will love life as a bartender. The fun only begins when the sun goes down, and depending on your ability to stay up, you could make some serious cash well after midnight.

2. Security Guard

Security guards work a variety of shifts, but nighttime work is most typical, as that’s when locations are most in need of extra protection. Be prepared to work long hours, often without much stimulation. This job is not for everybody, but many night owls find it deeply satisfying.

3. Nurse

People who are more capable at night than during the day are highly valued in the health care profession. The more shifts you can take on in the evening, the more you will be appreciated by your fellow health care workers. Better yet, your natural preference for nighttime work could lead to a significant boost in pay.

4. Freelancer

The beauty of freelancing is that, for the most part, you get to set your own hours. Cram all your work in the evening if you so choose, and sleep until noon — nobody will judge you. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, or coder, you can do what you love from the comfort of your home at any hour you desire.

If you dread waking up in the morning, there is no need to make yourself miserable with a traditional 9-to-5 job. Opt for something that better fits in with your internal clock — you will be relieved to sleep in past sunrise, and your customers, clients, and patients will appreciate your superior nighttime performance.

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