3 of the Latest New Professions that Pay Well

There are so many jobs available these days that pay a great salary. In fact, if you have a bachelor’s degree in any field of study these days you can expect to earn upward of $60,000 a year. Even better is that many of these professions will lead to a career that earns you more than 100k a year. Let’s take a quick look at three of the latest professions that pay well.

Data Architect

A data architect will make around $102k a year. What does this job consist of? Well, as a data architect you can expect to work with lots of numbers, charts, and graphs. Your goal is to integrate data and maintain it according to relevant events that are taking place within the business structure of the company you are working for.

Research and Development Manager

Do you like to conduct research? If so, then a career in research and development management is a great career choice for you to make. Directing a wide variety of research programs, this type of career allows you to introduce new products and techniques within the business framework of the employer you are working for, and you can even tweak your methods so that a completely new and more efficient framework is created and implemented.

Physician Assistant

You are going to need more than a bachelor’s degree to become a physician’s assistant, but the money invested toward your graduate degree is going to be well worth it. Your starting salary in this line of work tends to be upward of $110k a year and you will also receive great benefits. As a physican’s assistant you will be performing a wide range of duties, including providing treatment, completing physicals, and doing one-on-one patient counseling. If you are wanting to go into the medical field but don’t want a doctorate degree, then a physician assistant is an excellent career for you.

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