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Career Advice

How to Deal With a Micromanager

Local Job Stars June 19, 2018

Is your manager putting a serious cramp in your work experience? It’s awful when you love what you do, but you can’t seem to get your micromanager boss off your back. Instead of contemplating quitting the job you love, here are some better ways to deal with a micromanager. Read More

5 Cover Letter Tips to Follow

Local Job Stars April 18, 2018

Writing a cover letter is kind of like an art in and of itself. If used correctly, in conjunction with your resume, a cover letter can land you the interview. If your cover letter is bland and boring, then that could be why you’re not hearing back from employers. Read More

Internet-based Jobs that Didn't Exist Five Years Ago

Local Job Stars March 20, 2018

There are a host of brand-new, internet-based jobs that didn't exist just a few years ago. Consider the following professions if you are thinking about changing careers or looking for an internet-based jobs that offers both flexibility and great profits. Read More